Polaris Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign in to the new system?

Please sign in to the new system and check your personal information to ensure it is correct. Your password has been changed with the launch of the new system. The first time you log in, enter your library card number in the Username or Barcode box and then enter the last four digits of your phone number in the Password box.

How do I check my personal information?

Go to My Account, My Record, Contact Information and Preferences. Look at Address Information to ensure everything is correct. If something is incorrect, please call the library at 708-428-5100 and we will input the changes. Under Contact Information, ensure that your email address and phone number is correct. You may change this information yourself at this screen.

How do I check my holds?

Go to My Account, My Record and select Requests in the left frame. If you have any holds, they will be listed with a status such as active, inactive, and held.

Active: Your request for the item is active and you will receive the item when it is available. You can see your position in the hold queue, i.e. 2 of 13 holds.

Inactive: If the item has been requested from another library, Inactive means the library is working on the request. When the process is complete, the status will change to Active. You may also make a request Inactive if you do not want requested items to come in during a certain time period, i.e. you will be out of town, etc. When you are again ready to receive items, you must go to your account and change the requests back to Active.

Pending: Your request for the item is active and you will receive the item when it is available.

Held: The item you requested has arrived. Please wait to pick up your material until you receive an email, text message or both notifying you your material has arrived. It will be held at the Express Reserves shelf in the library's lobby.

Received: An interlibrary loan item is in the library and is set aside for you to check out. After you check out an interlibrary loan item, the request is no longer displayed.

What do I do if some holds from SWAN are missing?

If you are missing holds that you had placed in SWAN, please contact the Adult Services staff at 708-428-5151. Give them your library card number and the missing titles and they will manually place the holds for you.

Can I change my password back to my old password from SWAN?

Yes. Go to My Account, My Record, and Change Logon. Check the box next to Change Password and in the Old Password box, enter the last four digits of your phone number. Type your preferred password In the New Password box. Type it in again in the Verification box. Click on Save at the bottom to confirm the new password information.

I don't want to enter my library card number each time I check my account. Is there a shortcut?

Yes. You may create a username to use instead of using your library card number. Go to My Account, My Record and Change Logon. Check the box next to Change Logon. Create a username that is at least 5 digits and starts with a letter. It may be alpha or numeric, or a combination. Enter your preferred username in the New Username box. Type it again the Verify Username box. Click on Save at the bottom to confirm your new username. You may then input your username instead of your library card number each time you sign in to your account.

I'd like to receive text notifications instead of email. How do I change this?

There are three methods of notifications from the library—email only, text only and email and text both. Go to My Account, My Record and Contact Information and Preferences. In the Contact Information area, please provide and or verify your email address, alternate email address and phone numbers. If you would like to receive text messages to a particular phone number, select your carrier in the Carrier drop-down box and then click on the circle next to Send TXT to this number.

In the Preferences area, you can turn on your reading list (previously reading history in SWAN), set your preference for receiving library notices, choose email format, and set your preference for receiving email receipts. Library notices will include courtesy notices before items are due, notices to pick up requested items, overdue notices, and bills regarding long overdue items. Your email will only be used for library communications and will never be shared or sold for commercial purposes.

Click the box next to Maintain reading list to start tracking your checkout history. Choose your preference for receiving library notices in the drop-down box under My preference for receiving library notices. Click next to either Basic, plain text format or Full, HTML format under Send email notices in:. If you are not sure what to select, go with Basic, plain text format. Finally, choose how you wish to receive E-receipts by clicking next to Email or TXT.

When finished adding or changing information in this area, always click on Submit Change Request to save the information.

Can I place holds for on-order items?

Yes, you can. But please remember many times we order materials months in advance of its release date so it may be some time before the item is actually available.

Can I still return other libraries' items to the Orland Park Public Library? How about returning an Orland Park Public Library item to another library?

Yes, you may. Please note other libraries' materials will not be checked in until they are received at their home library. It's best to allow a few extra days for delivery. The same applies for returning an Orland Park Public Library item to another library.

Can I still visit other libraries and check out materials?

Yes. Orland Park Public Library cardholders may still visit other libraries, including those in SWAN, and check out their materials. You will be asked to reregister your card once and will be eligible to check out materials system-wide.

Can library cardholders from other libraries still check out materials at the Orland Park Public Library?

Yes. Cardholders from other libraries are welcome to check out Orland Park Public Library materials after a short reregistration process. You need only bring your current library card to reregister.

How do I use the online catalog?

I don't understand the new online catalog. Is there a help menu?

Yes. There is a Help menu located on the far right side of the blue menu at the top of the page. It lists help regarding the following topics:

    How do I...
  • Getting Started
  • Quick Search
  • Keyword Searches
  • Advanced Searches
  • Browse the Catalog
  • Searching Remote Databases
  • Narrowing Results and Related Searches
  • Saving Searches
  • Viewing Title Information
  • Availability
  • Save Results with Title Lists
  • Request Materials
  • Set Up a New Account
  • Create a User Name
  • Account Updates, Preferences, Messages
  • Manage Your Requests
  • View and Renew Items Out
  • Fines and Fees
  • Make a Donation