Reciprocal Borrowers

The Orland Park Public Library participates in the Illinois statewide reciprocal borrowing agreement in order to expand the availability of library materials available to Orland Park residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is reciprocal borrowing?

Reciprocal borrowing is when a library cardholder from one library can go to another library and checkout materials. Orland Park Public Library cardholders can go to almost all of the libraries in the state of Illinois and use their card. There may be a short registration process the first time a cardholder visits a new library.

Who can become a reciprocal borrower at Orland Park Public Library?

Patrons of most Illinois libraries can check out materials, use reference services and take certain classes at Orland Park Public Library with a valid library card from their home library. All reciprocal borrowers are treated the same.

How does one become a reciprocal borrower?

Patron barcodes are standard across most Illinois libraries. Just bring your home library card in, and register it at the Circulation Desk. Your home library must be open at the time you come in for verification purposes.

What is my pin for my online account?

Those reciprocal borrowers who access their account online can do so using the last four numbers of their phone number and their library card barcode after registering at the Circulation Desk the first time. The pin remains the last four digits of your phone number until you change it.

What can reciprocal borrowers check out?

Reciprocal borrowers are permitted to borrow most print materials, DVDs, Blu-Rays, CDs, Audiobooks, and Video Games that the library circulates.

How many items can reciprocal borrowers check out?
Item checkout limits are the same for all patrons. For example: 99 books, 30 DVDs, and 30 Blu-rays can be checked out on your card at one time.
What are the penalties for late, lost, or damaged items?

All items checked out are subject to fines in accordance with the Circulation Policy if they are returned late or lost. Fines are the same for residents and reciprocal borrowers. See the fines here.

Is there anything that reciprocal borrowers can’t do?

Reciprocal borrowers are not allowed to place holds or take vacation loans. Ebooks, Rokus and CPR kits cannot be checked out, and certain programs that require registration are not offered to reciprocal borrowers at this time.

See the Program Attendance Policy.

Can reciprocal borrowers use the study rooms?

Study rooms are for use by Orland Park Public Library cardholders.

I received a renewal notice. What do I do now?

Reciprocal borrowers must be in good standing with their home library before they can renew their library card with the Orland Park Public Library. We ask that you renew with your home library before you renew at Orland Park Public Library.

Can I use a public computer?

Reciprocal borrowers that are registered in the Library’s system can use the public computers in Information Commons area on the second floor and are open to users 18 years of age and older.

What does it mean that my home library card is 'in good standing'?
Library cards in good standing have no fines against them and are not expired.