Digital Preschool Fair


Family Event
The Month of February

Join Ms. Stephanie as she interviews various preschools from Orland Park and the Southwest suburbs, helping you navigate your child’s educational options. Links to preschool interviews will be posted below.

Welcome! Below you will find a collection of preschools in Orland Park and the surrounding area that have elected to participate in our 2021 Digital Preschool Fair.
In each interview, Ms. Stephanie, our Preschool Services Coordinator at OPPL, will ask preschool representatives the following questions:

  • Tell us about your school.
  • What is something your school does differently from other preschools?
  • How long is your school day and what does a typical school day look like for a child enrolled in your program?
  • What are your safety measures regarding COVID-19?
  • What is something we can’t learn about your school from just looking at your website?
  • What kind of parent/family involvement do you have in your school?
  • How do you handle conflicts between students?
  • How do you accommodate kids with special needs or food allergies?
  • How much time do kids spend outside?

If you are interested in a preschool, you can find their contact information and links to additional information below their recorded interview. We hope to see you in person for our 2022 Preschool Fair!