Library of Things-Fun & Games

Introducing the Library of Things

You’ve borrowed books from the library, why not borrow a folding table, a coin counter, a metal detector, or a karaoke machine?

Our new Library of Things collection features a unique selection of items you can check out from the library. Instead of buying something you might use only once or twice before it just takes up space in your closet, you can borrow it just like you’d borrow a book!

Library of Things items check out for 2 weeks. They can be renewed if no one is waiting and can also be placed on hold. Overdue items will be charged a $1 per day fine.

Save time, money, and closet space with the Library of Things. As we like to say, why buy when you can borrow?

Available Fun & Games

Azul Board Game

Try out this mosaic tile family board game for adults & kids.

Bears vs. Babies

Fast paced family hilarity while you battle your bears & babies.

Bocce Ball Set

Get the family together outside for this action-packed game.


Make custom buttons with this machine that includes a super fast two-step button making process.

Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition
Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition

Family-friendly edition of the joke card game!


Trade, build, settle with this family game night favorite.

Cornhole Set

Easy entertainment for any get together!

Giant Checkers

Perfect for a rainy day or backyard fun, this large-scale game set will keep everyone entertained!
Checkers on one side, tic-tac-toss on the other. 4’x4′ set can be used indoors or outdoors.

Chess & Checkers : 2 in 1

Are you ready to try out a Queen’s Gambit?

Disc Golf Set

Everything to get out on the course and enjoy a round of disc golf.

Escape Room: The Game

Be the first to solve the puzzle on family game night

Escape Room: The Game 3

Put on your detective gear and get ready to solve the puzzle.

Everyday Witch Tarot

A tarot kit designed for “every witch” consisting of a tarot deck based on the classic Rider-Waite deck updated for the modern world and an illustrated guidebook.

Giant Playing Cards

1 deck of giant playing cards (54 cards) : plastic coated paper; color, black and white ; 7 x 5 x .7 inches in cardboard container.

Golf Men’s Set

No clubs? No problem, borrow ours.

Golf Practice Net
Library of Things-Golf-practice

Just set up this net & improve your golf game.

Golf Range Finder

Improve your accuracy with this golf range finder.

Golf Women’s Set

Why buy your own clubs when you can borrow ours?

Hoppers Game

hoppers game
Set the frogs on the pond, then jump frogs until only one is left standing!
Single player game for ages 5 and up. Includes beginner to expert challenges. Great travel game.

King of Toyko

Space penguin included, what more do you need to know?

Ladder Toss

Check-out the classic yard game for your next party!

Magical Dogs Tarot

Unleash the power of the arcane canines.


Explore the details of your world with this beginner microscope!

Monikers: Classic

The words will be at the tip of your tongues!
Get your team to guess words and phrases such as “Yogalates” and “Chuck Norris” in 3 rounds of play. For 2-12 players, age 17+. A perfect party game to pick up quickly and start having fun.

Mystical Cats Tarot

What truly lies behind a cat’s knowing gaze? To find the answer, step into a magical realm of feline enchantment.

Mystical Manga Tarot

Capturing the beautiful style and spirit of Japanese graphic novels, Mystical Manga Tarot encourages you to step boldly onto the road of adventure and discover what mystical opportunities lie ahead.

Nintendo Switch Console

Need another Switch console for game night? Here it is.

Pickleball & Badminton Set (All-in-One)

Get in on the latest craze – Pickleball!

Pictionary Air Kids vs. Grown-ups
Pictionary Air Kids vs. Grown-ups

Classic Pictionary with a Digital Twist!
Take turns drawing in the air as teammates guess images that appear on a paired screen. Includes one pen, 112 prompt cards, and instructions on pairing devices. Requires access to a smart phone, smart TV, or compatible streaming device.

Poetry for Neanderthals
Library of Things-Poetry-for-Neanderthals

Party game for adults, teens & kids.

Puzzle Mat Rollup

Time for dinner? Roll up your puzzle in minutes.

Rose Tarot

This lovely deck is unique in the elegance of its linework combined with the richness of its iconography.

Rush Hour Game


Fun travel game for ages 3 and up!

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

The game is afoot!
Join up to 8 friends, age 14+, to become the cleverest detectives. Includes 10 cases to solve with help from a few clues.

Steampunk Lenormand

A brilliant new reading deck featuring all the brass clockworks, outfits, and accoutrements that fans of this style have grown to love.

Symbolic Soul Tarot

Enhance your divination with the feminine energy and striking contrasts of black and white in this must-have Rider-Waite-Smith-based tarot.

Tarocco Sopraffino

One of the great masterpieces of the renowned 19th-century Italian tarot tradition.

Tarot of Vamypres

1 kit (1 deck of 78 cards), 1 book (301 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm).

Tarot Original 1909

1 kit (1 deck of 78 cards), 1 book (63 pages, illustrations, 12 cm).


Astronomical adventures await with this user-friendly telescope.

The Game of Wolf

Will you be a part of the pack or the top dog?
Play either as a pack or a lone wolf to answer trivia questions. Includes 250 question cards, 2 answers boards, 1 score board, and 3 dry erase markers. Good for ages 14+.

Throw Throw Burrito
Throw Throw Burrito

If you can dodge a ball, you can dodge a burrito!

Throw Throw Burrito Extreme Outdoor Edition

Take on the Burrito Challenge outside!
Enjoy the hybrid card and dodgeball game now outdoors. Includes two jumbo inflatable Burritos. Good for 2 to6 players, ages 7+

Ticket to Ride
Ticket to Ride

All aboard the ticket to fun!
Take a cross country trip as you build the best railroad. Includes one board map, 250 colored train car, 110 cards, 30 destination tickets & 5 wood scoring markers. Join with up to 5 friends, age 8+, to see who can visit the most cities.

Trash Pandas

Go rabid for these raccoons!
Go “dumpster diving” and try to get the biggest horde. Game comes with 54 cards, 6 wooden tokens, and custom die. Fun game for 2 to 4 players, ages 8+.

Trick or Treat Tarot

Trick or Treat Tarot provides exactly what you need to confront fear, peer into the future, and create a unique identity that suits you every day.

Trouble Board Game

Hop, Skip, and Pop your way into Trouble!
An easy game to play for all ages. Includes a simple game board, 16 plastics pegs, and 4 rubber feet. Good for 2 to 4 players, ages 5+

Giant Tumbling Timbers

The classic tumbling blocks game, but for outside entertainment!

Twilight Landscape Tapestry Loom Kit

Beginner Looms are great for creating small tapestry work, especially help you quickly making weaving work when you first try it.

Twister Board Game

Don’t get yourself all twisted up!
Game box includes playmat and spinner. Easy to set up and play with as many players as you dare. Good for ages 6+.

Uno Attack

Are you ready to take your Uno game to the next level?

Wavelength game

Test your mind reading skills!
A social guessing game with only one clue to help get it right. Play with up to 12 people, age 14+. Includes 1 plastic device, 126 cards, and 2 scoring tokens.


Bird lovers will enjoy this family game of bird collecting.

Witch Crystals

1 kit (1 deck of 8 cards, 1 divination board, 5 crystals, 1 purple pouch), 1 book (127 pages : illustrations ; 13 cm).