The library will be closed Friday, October 6, Staff Engagement Day, and will reopen on Saturday, October 7 at 9 a.m.

Library Reopening-Phase 4

Phase Four

  • Less limited Walk-In Service
  • Curbside pickup offered
  • Library programming offered virtually
  • Patrons will adhere to Phase 3’s restrictions but will be allowed to remain in the building for extended periods of time under the following conditions:
    • Limited seats will be available to the public
    • Toys, puppets, and certain activity kiosks will be unavailable to the children
    • One individual per table, but if tables are aligned closely, every other table may be occupied
    • One person to a Study Room for a limit of two hours. OPPL residents have priority per policy
    • Orland Park cardholders may use the computers for two hours. Non-residents will return to the existing policy of one hour limit with a cost of $3
    • Newspaper will be available to patrons with a sign stating the library cannot guarantee no risk of COVID exposure. Use at your own risk. Gloves are made available for patrons as they read the paper in the area close to the newspaper shelves