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August 2019

How to Invent Everything: A Survival Guide for the Stranded Time Traveler

by Ryan North

The bad news: your time machine has broken down, stranding you in the early days of humanity.

The good news: this easy-to-read reference guide will show you how to invent all the comforts of civilization, from the wheel and farming to world-wide navigation and water-powered computers.

Ryan North clearly and briefly explains the discoveries and inventions that got humans to where they are now, so that you, the stranded time traveler, can recreate them instead of waiting around for someone else to invent the printing press or the electric dynamo.

Recommended by: Peter Tew, Reference Librarian

Posted in: Adult Fiction

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

by Taylor Jenkins Reid

An exciting and must read book about the glamorous and infamous Hollywood star, Evelyn Hugo, who chooses Monique, a struggling unknown journalist to write her final interview. Monique knows that publishing this book under her name is a career opportunity of a lifetime, and it is a mystery as to why she was chosen by Evelyn who has become reclusive. The end is shocking and unexpected.  According to the author, this fictional book parallels the life of Elizabeth Taylor, who also had seven husbands.

Recommended by: Deborah Oedzes, Reference Librarian

Posted in: Adult Fiction

The Silent Wife

by A. S. A. Harrison

Living affluently in a Chicago condo, Jodi believes that her life will remain intact without change, and has no concern about her age of 45, relationship of 20 years with her partner Todd whom she takes care of, or career as a therapist.  When her life unfolds in an unexpected way and she realizes that Todd is not the person she thought but a cheater, she believes that she has nothing to lose in committing an unthinkable act.  This is a gripping, well written book about denial and the unpredictable twists and turns in life.

Recommended by: Deborah Oedzes, Reference Librarian

Posted in: Adult Fiction

The Friendship War

by Andrew Clements

What happens when two best friends go to war over the new latest, greatest craze? Can two sixth-grade friends stop the madness before the police get involved? Another funny, heartfelt, and genuinely great tale from Andrew Clements (author of Frindle and The Loser’s Club).

Recommended by: Kara DeCarlo, School Liaison 

Posted in: Youth Fiction

Backyard Bears: Conservation, Habitat Changes, and the Rise of Urban Wildlife

by Amy Cherrix

Bears in your backyard? You bet! Tag along with a team of wildlife biologists as they track the bears in and around Asheville, North Carolina. See how wildlife biologists help keep people safe from bears and bears safe from people. Full of great photos and interesting facts, this book is perfect for anyone who loves animals or science.

Recommended by: Kara DeCarlo, School Liaison 

Posted in: Youth Fiction


by Gustavo Borges

This wordless graphic novel tells the story of a family of foxes who meet a strange traveler in a harsh winter storm. The beautiful illustrations will pull you into the cozy world of the fox family and fill you with delight at the antics of the traveler. If you love stories that pull at the heartstrings, this one is for you.

Recommended by: Kara DeCarlo, School Liaison 

Posted in: Youth Fiction

Aim for the Skies : Jerrie Mock and Joan Merriam Smith’s race to complete Amelia Earhart’s quest

by Aimee Bissonette

The year is 1963 and two women are planning to complete Amelia Earhart’s journey around the world. Neither woman knows about the other until news reporters broke the story. What began as a dream turned into a race against each other, faulty equipment, and terrible weather conditions. This quick read is full of adventure and bravado—a must read for fans of Amelia Earhart.

Recommended by: Kara DeCarlo, School Liaison 

Posted in: Youth

Norse Mythology

by Neil Gaiman

In this book, Neil Gaiman retells several Norse stories taking pieces from the original tales to complete each chapter in his own unique and recognizable writing style. Listening to the book, which was narrated by Gaiman himself,  gave me the feeling as though I was hearing each short story told by my grandfather around a campfire. Gaiman’s genuine storytelling abilities can be heard through the different array of unique voices he created for each character. I would recommend this book to anyone who hasn’t read any Norse myths before as it is a great introduction for fans of Thor, Odin, and Loki; the characters you have read about in the comics or saw in the movies.

Recommended by: Kristen Holding, Graphic Artist 

Posted in: Adult Fiction


by Nnedi Okorafor

Binti is one of the best mathematicians in her village, and she jumps at the chance to travel to the best university in the galaxy. Sure, she has to sneak out because her family disapproves, and she may never see her family again, but that is a risk she is willing to take to improve the lives of her people. The only obstacle in her path is her spaceship being attacked by an alien race-what could possibly go wrong?

Recommended by: Nicole Suhm, Human Resource Generalist

Posted in: Adult Fiction

Halfway Normal

by Barbara Dee

A high school girl goes back to school for the first time in 2 years after battling leukemia. She definitely doesn’t want everything to be all about her past disease.

Unfortunately, most of the other people she’s dealing with seemed focused on just that. She has girlfriend, boyfriend, divorce and parental issues.

Recommended by: Becky McCormack, Youth Services Assistant Manager 

Posted in: Youth Fiction

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