The library will be closed Sunday, July 3 and Monday, July 4, Independence Day.

Teen Outdoor Photo Challenge

Finish at least 5 of the photo prompts and turn them into us by July 31 to earn FREE CANDY!






  • Have Fun! Earn Free Candy! Spend Time Outside!
  • All photos submitted will be hung up in our Teen Loft.
  • All photos must be taken outside in the fresh air!
  • Be creative as possible and use your imagination to complete the prompts.
  • Yes, people can be in your photos if you choose to include them, but you do need to ask their permission first.
  • Each photo only counts for one prompt.
  • All photos must be Library/School appropriate. We reserve the right to reject inappropriate submissions.

To participate:

  • Send your name, grade, 5 (or more) completed challenge photos, and what prompt each photo is for to
  • Or you can bring physical copies (they can be printed on computer paper or photo paper) of your photos into the library and turn them in at the Teen Desk. (You will need to put your name and which prompt each photo is for on the back of each of your photos.)
  • For privacy we will not put your information with your photos when we hang them up.
  • Once you receive your approval email, or your approval in person (if you are turning in physical copies) you will receive your candy.

The Photo Prompts:

  1. Hiding in a small space
  2. A wild animal
  3. A Sunrise or Sunset
  4. Singing in the rain
  5. Creating a circle
  6. Evidence of a wild animal
  7. Pattern in nature
  8. On a trail
  9. Selfie in front of a National or State Park sign
  10. Interesting clouds
  11. Non swimming pool water
  12. Shadows or reflections
  13. Going for a walk
  14. Swimming
  15. Sports in action
  16. Reading outside
  17. Spell a word using only items found in nature
  18. An interesting insect or spider
  19. A beautiful flower
  20. You in nature
  21. Blowing bubbles at the same time
  22. Something bouncing
  23. Multiple people jumping in the air at one time
  24. Something red found in nature
  25. Make yourself appear very small or very large