Dementia Resources



If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with dementia or is suspected of having dementia, please know that the library can connect you with resources, reading materials, caregiver kits, and educational programming.






Books and Kits for Caregivers

Our librarians welcome the opportunity to help you find materials to learn more about dementia and caregiving. Here are some of the titles available in our collection:


Caregiver Kits

Orland Park Public Library Caregiver Kits are now available on the second floor of the library for checkout near the magazines. These kits are designed for those caring for persons with dementia. They contain materials like games, manipulatives, therapeutic toys, and music. We hope that these kits will not only foster better communication, but help caregivers find activities and therapies that their family member will enjoy. Each kit contains the book, “Creative Engagement”, which features proven therapies and communication strategies.

Sensory Activity Kit for Adults with Dementia


Includes: Creative Engagement book, Tangram set, Look and Lace, Fidget Widget Turn, USA Map Sequenced Puzzle, Modality 2-in-1 Sensory Mat and Muff

Blasts from the Past

Includes: A movie quiz, Pure 60s CD, 50 Jukebox CD, Chicken Soup for the Caregiver’s Soul book, Creative Engagement book, Commercials from the 50s, 60s, and 70s DVD, Commercials from the 80s and 90s DVD, Car Commercials of the 50a and 60s DVD, Movie Stars Memory Lane book

Family Resources and Activities

Includes: Creative Engagement book, Blue Sky White Clouds book, The 36-Hour Day book, Still Alice movie, It’s All in your Approach movie, 4 Match the Shapes games

Puzzles and games


Includes: PicLink game, Guess in 10 game, Conversation Cards for Adults, Animal Album, You’re Looking at Me Library I Live Here and I Don’t, Creative Engagement book

Cuddle Therapy for Adults with Dementia

Includes: 1 doll infant, one plush Yorky flopsie, one bottle, The Splendor of Babies book, Creative Engagement book

Happy Days in the Garden Reminiscence and Activity Kit

Includes: Grow and Garden book, Monet’s Garden Puzzle, Flower Gardens book, Backyard Bird CD, Secret Garden movie, What the Wind Showed Me book, Creative Engagement book