Spotlight on Display

The Orland Park Public Library takes pride in hosting local artists, unique collections, and historical exhibits in our museum quality gallery space and display cases.

Below is a full schedule of our upcoming exhibits.

Lobby Display Case

  • September-October:
  • Pate Conaway
    Found Object Sculptures

  • November-December:
  • Mary Lynn Maloney
    Visual Display Inspired by the Derek Walcott
    quote “I Read, I Travel, I Become”

Center Display Case

  • September:
  • Polish Blue Army Display
    The Blue Army (Błękitna Armia) was formed in 1917 by a large cohort of volunteer Polish expatriates from North America.
    The volunteers played an important role in turning the tide of World War I in favor of the allied forces upon their arrival on
    the Western Front in France. In this display, you will see original artifacts from this tumultuous period of history.

  • October:
  • David Westlund
    A collection of marionettes handmade by Peter Puppet Playthings.
    These puppets depict Disney characters, fairy tales, and marionettes from the Howdy Doody television program.

  • November:
  • Sancy Kiligen
    Winter-themed Drawings and Illustrations

  • December:
  • Rankin-Bass Display

Free Standing Display Case

  • September-October:
  • Ariane Radcliff
    Acrylic Paintings
    In conjunction with the BLM: A Child’s Vision display,
    artist Ariane Radcliff exhibits her related paintings

  • November-December:
  • American Islamic Association
    A collection of items highlighting Islamic civilization and its contributions to the world.

NASA Display Case

  • September:
  • Magazines and Newspapers-
    Clippings, articles, and covers depicting NASA

  • October:
  • Photography, Certificates, and Memorabilia-
    Photographs of astronauts, flight certifications, and miscellaneous NASA trinkets

  • November-December:
  • Photography, Certificates, and Memorabilia