Spotlight on Display

The Orland Park Public Library takes pride in hosting local artists, unique collections, and historical exhibits in our museum quality gallery space and display cases.

Below is a full schedule of our upcoming exhibits.

Lobby Display Case

  • January-February:
    “Clocking In For Unpaid Labor”
    Collage pieces from group art collaboration.
    Curated by Elaine Luther


  • March-April:
    National Hellenic Museum
    Traveling display of textiles from the NHM collection showing the way that modern Greek women have shared their stories.

Center Display Case

  • January:
    Juliana Delgado: “Ivan’s Mission”
    Photographer Juliana Delgado shares black-and-white photos celebrating her son Ivan, who was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2.
  • February:
    Arianna Simmons: “Gorgeous, Gorgeous Girls” & “Black Girl Magic”
    Series of small-scale acrylic paintings
  • March:
    Sarah Kleiva: Pusheen collection
  • April:
    Linda Platt: Handmade Artist Books
    One half of the ‘Artistic Allies’ Artists of the Month duo

Free Standing Display Case

  • January-February:
    Winter Reading Challenge
  • March:
    Mythical Monsters
    3-D Artwork
  • April:
    Linda Platt: Handmade Artist Books
    & Daiva Karuza: Paintings

NASA Display Case

  • January – March:
    A Day in the Life
    This display includes clothing, toiletries, and other consumer goods that an astronaut would use on a regular basis.
  • April-June:
    Electronics and Stowage
    This display includes light monitors, cameras, cold storage containers, and headsets that an astronaut would use.