Exam Proctoring

In support of its mission to engage, enrich, and encourage patrons, the Orland Park Public Library offers exam proctoring services to Orland Park Public Library cardholders . For more information about this service, please review our Frequently Asked Questions below.

If you would like to schedule a proctoring appointment, please read the Exam Proctoring Policy and complete the form below. A staff member will contact you within 48 hours.

Exam Proctoring Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment to have my exam proctored?
  • Exam proctoring is by appointment only and may be scheduled by filling out the online Proctoring Form or contacting the Adult Services Desk at (708) 428-5150. Appointment requests for exams that require the use of library computers will be referred to Information Technology staff.
  • Appointments must be scheduled one week prior to the desired testing date. Exams will be scheduled according to staff availability but will begin no earlier than 9:30 a.m. and will conclude no later than 30 minutes before the library closes. An exam session will constitute no more than 4 hours. Reservations for library computers may be made for up to 4 consecutive hours for the purpose of taking an exam.
  • In the event a proctoring appointment must be cancelled, patrons are asked to notify the library as soon as possible.

Where is proctoring done?
  • Library staff will proctor written and online exams at tables near the Adult Services Desk, within view of staff members unless using library computers. Private study rooms are not available for proctoring purposes.
  • While the library is typically a quiet place, the library cannot guarantee that the testing environment will be free of noise and other distractions. Students who are concerned about noise disturbances are advised to bring earplugs or headphones.
  • Library staff can provide intermittent monitoring but cannot provide uninterrupted direct supervision of the patron throughout the entire exam. If the examining institution requires continuous direct supervision during the entire exam, library staff will not proctor this exam, nor can library staff sign any form stating this.

Is there a fee for exam proctoring?
  • Proctoring services will be provided free of charge to Orland Park Public Library cardholders.
  • The library is not responsible for any costs to receive or return test materials. All costs are the responsibility of the patron. If the exam is to be returned by mail, the patron must provide a postage-paid envelope, if not provided by the examining institution. All costs must be paid prior to the administration of the exam.

Who does the proctoring?
  • Any staff member designated by the Adult Services Manager or Adult Services Assistant Manager may proctor exams. The library cannot guarantee to the patron or to the examining institution the name of the proctor or guarantee that the same staff member will be the proctor during the entire testing period.
  • Proctors will enforce any written time limits that are placed on the exam, as well as other rules set forth in the examination materials, such as the use of notes or calculators. Any perceived violation of the posted rules for the exam will be reported to the examining institution.
  • Exams will be emailed or mailed to the examining institution within 48 hours. The Library is not responsible for USPS mail service delays and does not provide a receipt of mailing. The Library will keep an exam for 6 weeks from the date of receipt. After 6 weeks, the exam will be destroyed.

Can I use my own computer?
  • Patrons taking online exams are encouraged to use their own laptop computers when possible. If patrons use library computers, library staff will not install any software, run any executable files, or disable any features of the library’s network to accommodate the exam. The library cannot guarantee that technical problems will not occur when using the library’s network or computers.

What else do I need to know?
  • Photo identification must be presented at the time of the exam and must match the name on the exam materials.
  • The patron is responsible for providing supplies, such as paper, pencils, etc., that are not provided by the examining institution. The library will not provide these items.
  • Patrons may not leave the building during a proctored exam.
  • It is the responsibility of the patron to call prior to the exam to make sure the exam has arrived. Library staff will not contact patrons when exams arrive.
  • Library staff will fill out necessary forms in order to be approved as a proctor. Staff will not provide personal information such as driver’s license or Social Security numbers.

If you would like an appointment, please fill out the form