Library of Things-Health

Introducing the Library of Things

You’ve borrowed books from the library, why not borrow a folding table, a coin counter, a metal detector, or a karaoke machine?

Our new Library of Things collection features a unique selection of items you can check out from the library. Instead of buying something you might use only once or twice before it just takes up space in your closet, you can borrow it just like you’d borrow a book!

Library of Things items check out for 2 weeks. They can be renewed if no one is waiting and can also be placed on hold. Overdue items will be charged a $1 per day fine.

Save time, money, and closet space with the Library of Things. As we like to say, why buy when you can borrow?

Available Health Items

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor
Monitor your blood pressure and pulse at home!
Color coded system. Includes adjustable large cuff.

Family and Friends CPR Kit

Practice your CPR skills on our adult and infant manikin set.
Practice adult CPR and AED. Practice infant CPR, AED, and choking. Manikins are cleaned and disinfected between uses.