On Sunday, Nov. 27 from 2 to 4:45 p.m., please enter the library parking lot via the 149th Street entrance, as the library’s other parking lot entrances will be closed for the Village of Orland Park Holiday Festival Parade.

Library of Things-Home

Introducing the Library of Things

You’ve borrowed books from the library, why not borrow a folding table, a coin counter, a metal detector, or a karaoke machine?

Our new Library of Things collection features a unique selection of items you can check out from the library. Instead of buying something you might use only once or twice before it just takes up space in your closet, you can borrow it just like you’d borrow a book!

Library of Things items check out for 2 weeks. They can be renewed if no one is waiting and can also be placed on hold. Overdue items will be charged a $1 per day fine.

Save time, money, and closet space with the Library of Things. As we like to say, why buy when you can borrow?

Available Home Items

Dinosaur Cake Pan

Dinosaur -cake-pan
Create a dino-mite birthday cake!
Uniform heat conduction pan. Works with the box cake mix of your choice. Decorating possibilities are endless.

Elmo Cake Pan

Bring Elmo to life in cake form!
Durable Aluminum Pan. Even-heating. Works with the 2-layer cake mix of your choice.

Mickey Mouse Cake Pan

Bring Mickey to your next party in cake form!
Durable Aluminum Pan. Perfect for beginner cake decorators. Turn into Minnie Mouse by adding a bow.

Pony Cake Pan

Make playful pony or unicorn cake!
Requires the 2-layer cake mix of your choice. Add a fondant horn to make it a unicorn. Even-heating.

Sewing Machine


Standard features for ease and efficiency!
4-step button hole system. Easy to take home at only 12 pounds! 10 stitch choices.

Spiderman Cake Pan

Become the baking superhero of your next get-together!
Requires the 2-layer cake mix of your choice. Use your spidey-senses to help you decorate. Even heating pan makes baking a breeze.

Teddy Bear Cake Pan

Make a un-bear-ably cute cake!
Teddy Bear has a heart on one side of the chest. Requires 1 box cake mix. Serve this cake for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and more!