Library of Things

Introducing the Library of Things

You’ve borrowed books from the library, why not borrow a folding table, a coin counter, a metal detector, or a karaoke machine?

Our new Library of Things collection features a unique selection of items you can check out from the library. Instead of buying something you might use only once or twice before it just takes up space in your closet, you can borrow it just like you’d borrow a book!

Library of Things items check out for 2 weeks. They can be renewed if no one is waiting and can also be placed on hold. Overdue items will be charged a $1 per day fine.

Save time, money, and closet space with the Library of Things. As we like to say, why buy when you can borrow?

Available Things

Fun & Games

  • Giant Checkers

    Perfect for a rainy day or backyard fun, this large-scale game set will keep everyone entertained!
    Checkers on one side, tic-tac-toss on the other. 4’x4′ set can be used indoors or outdoors. Machine washable mat.

  • Hoppers Game

    hoppers game
    Set the frogs on the pond, then jump frogs until only one is left standing!
    Single player game for ages 5 and up. Includes beginner to expert challenges. Great travel game.

  • Microscope

    Explore the details of your world with this beginner microscope!

  • Monikers: Classic

    The words will be at the tip of your tongues!
    Get your team to guess words and phrases such as “Yogalates” and “Chuck Norris” in 3 rounds of play. For 2-12 players, age 17+. A perfect party game to pick up quickly and start having fun.

  • Rush Hour Game


    Fun travel game for ages 3 and up!

  • The Game of Wolf

    Will you be a part of the pack or the top dog?
    Play either as a pack or a lone wolf to answer trivia questions. Includes 250 question cards, 2 answers boards, 1 score board, and 3 dry erase markers. Good for ages 14+.

  • Trouble Board Game


    Game board, 16 plastic pegs, cardboard shield with plastic stand, 4 rubber feet, instructions

    Hop, Skip, and Pop your way into Trouble!
    An easy game to play for all ages. Includes a simple game board, 16 plastics pegs, and 4 rubber feet. Good for 2 to 4 players, ages 5+.

  • Twister Board Game


    Includes vinyl mat, spinner board and instructions.

    Don’t get yourself all twisted up!
    Game box includes playmat and spinner. Easy to set up and play with as many players as you dare. Good for ages 6+.


  • Blood Pressure Monitor

    Blood Pressure Monitor
    Monitor your blood pressure and pulse at home!
    Color coded system. Includes adjustable large cuff.

  • Family and Friends CPR Kit

    Practice your CPR skills on our adult and infant manikin set.
    Practice adult CPR and AED. Practice infant CPR, AED, and choking. Manikins are cleaned and disinfected between uses.


  • Clothes Steamer

    Steam & Press Turbo: The performance of an iron combined with the power of steam will keep your fabric looking its best!
    Great for clothing, drapery, linens. Heats up in 40 seconds. Offers 15 minutes of continuous steam.

  • Dinosaur Cake Pan

    Dinosaur -cake-pan
    Create a dino-mite birthday cake!
    Uniform heat conduction pan. Works with the box cake mix of your choice. Decorating possibilities are endless.

  • Elmo Cake Pan

    Bring Elmo to life in cake form!
    Durable Aluminum Pan. Even-heating. Works with the 2-layer cake mix of your choice.

  • Home Tool Kit

    Get your to-do list done with this handy set of household tools.
    Hammer, screwdrivers, socket wrenches. Slip joint, groove joint, and long nose pliers. Allen wrenches, tape measure

  • Mickey Mouse Cake Pan

    Bring Mickey to your next party in cake form!
    Durable Aluminum Pan. Perfect for beginner cake decorators. Turn into Minnie Mouse by adding a bow.

  • Pony Cake Pan

    Make playful pony or unicorn cake!
    Requires the 2-layer cake mix of your choice. Add a fondant horn to make it a unicorn. Even-heating.

  • Sewing Machine


    Standard features for ease and efficiency!
    4-step button hole system. Easy to take home at only 12 pounds! 10 stitch choices.

  • Spiderman Cake Pan

    Become the baking superhero of your next get-together!
    Requires the 2-layer cake mix of your choice. Use your spidey-senses to help you decorate. Even heating pan makes baking a breeze.

  • Teddy Bear Cake Pan

    Make a un-bear-ably cute cake!
    Teddy Bear has a heart on one side of the chest. Requires 1 box cake mix. Serve this cake for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and more!

Moving On

  • Dolly Hand Truck


    Make your move easier with this sturdy, convertible hand truck dolly!
    Two-wheel upright, holds 800 lbs. 4-wheel platform cart, holds 1000 lbs.

  • Packing Blankets

    Protect your possessions while you move!
    Set of 6 heavy-duty blankets. Protects from nicks, scratches, dust, dirt, moisture, and more. Comes with carry bag.

  • Roadside Emergency Kit

    Roadtrip? Be prepared and take this handy car emergency kit along!
    Jumper cables. Tire pressure gauge. High visibility reflective triangle.


  • Guitar


    Strum an old favorite or learn a new tune!
    Perfect for beginners or experienced players. Comes with digital tuner, pick, shoulder strap, and more. Full-size is ideal for adults and teens.

  • Karaoke Machine

    Impress your friends with your singing skills!
    Colorful disco lights. Two microphones. Built in stereo sound.

  • Metronome

    Practice your perfect tempo with this metronome!
    Easy-to-use; no batteries required. Simply wind the mechanism to start the click and bell rhythm. Ideal for piano, violin, guitar, bass, drums.

  • Steel Drum

    Even a beginner can make beautiful music with this easy-to-play steel drum!
    Soothing, melodic sounds. Includes wooden mallets. Carrying case for easy transport.

  • Tonies Starter Set

    Listen to a story, sing a song, and learn with your favorite Tonies character!
    Audio player for bedtime stories, music, and education. Screen-free listening experience for kids 3 and up. Includes 3 characters and 1 Toniebox.

  • Portable Keyboard

    Strike a new chord with this keyboard!
    9 on-board lessons. Play along to your own music. High-quality record and playback functions.


  • Coin Counter

    This easy-to-use coin counter does the work for you!
    Digital display tells you exactly how much of each coin you have. Accurate and fast count give you total sum and individual count.

  • Kill-A-Watt™ Energy Meters

    Monitor your devices’ electricity usage with the Kill-A-Watt meter!
    Plug in your electronic device to find out how much wattage it uses. Save money and energy.

  • Label Maker

    Put some order in your world with this easy-to-use label maker!
    Create durable, laminated labels in a variety of fonts and sizes. Starter tape cartridge included.

  • Laminator


    Preserve your papers with this easy-to-use laminator!
    3 laminating sheets included; purchase additional sheets at local retailers. Works best with papers 8.5 inches x 11 inches and smaller


  • Binoculars with Tripod and Phone Holder

    Binoculars with Tripod and Phone Holder
    Take your exploring up to the next level with our binoculars, tripod, and phone holder!
    12×42 HD binoculars, phone adapter and tripod give you a new view. Comes with carry case.

  • Camping Stove

    Serve a hot meal outdoors!
    Lightweight. Lots of cooking power. Easy cleanup.

  • Collapsible Wagon

    Make your hauling easier with this collapsible wagon!
    Folds and unfolds in seconds. 360 degree rotating wheels. Maximum load 220 lbs.

  • Fishing Rod (Adult)


    Your next catch awaits!
    Great all-purpose fishing setup. Includes 5’6” rod, reel, and tackle kit. No-tangle design and push button mechanics.

  • Fishing Rod (Kids)


    Perfect for our younger anglers!
    Great all-purpose fishing setup. Includes 4’ rod, reel, and tackle kit. No-tangle design and push button mechanics.

  • Lanterns

    Portable light goes with you and lights your way with 1,000 lumens!
    USB charging ports. 4 modes. Waterproof.

  • Metal Detector


    Search for treasure in your own backyard!
    Lightweight and easy-to-use.
    Comes with carrying case.

  • Tent


    Whether it’s the great outdoors or your own backyard, this highly-rated tent will make sleeping under the stars a breeze!
    Easy 10-minute setup. Fits 3 people or one queen airbed.

  • Waterproof Picnic Blanket


    Stay dry while you’re having fun with our waterproof picnic blanket!
    Extra-large blanket fits 4-6 adults. Ideal for picnicking, camping, outdoor concerts. Folds into storage bag or use handle.


  • Digital Voice Recorder

    Record lectures, meetings, interviews, speeches, or even paranormal activity!
    Portable, powerful, and easy-to-use. Voice activated recording. Connect with USB to download recordings.

  • EMF Meter


    Explore the activity–paranormal or otherwise–around you!
    Measure electromagnetic fields. Identify devices or phenomena that generate high radiation. Takes one 9V battery.

  • Infrared Thermometer

    Use for cooking, auto maintenance, or even ghost hunting!
    Detects temperatures from -58°F to 896°F. Backlit display for use in the dark. Not for medical use.

  • Ouija Board


    Skeptic or believer? You decide!
    Classic look and feel of original 1886 board. Comes with sturdy wood board and plastic message indicator. Check out other ghost hunting items to complete the fun.

  • Spirit Box


    Investigate potential paranormal activity and grab your fellow ghostbusters to help!
    Built-in flashlight and night-vision-friendly screen. 7 different scanning speeds to choose from. Automated temperature deviation detection.

Party Time

  • Four Folding Chairs


    Sturdy and lightweight!
    Easy to fold and carry. Holds up to 500 lbs. Portable and light at 10 lbs.

  • Four Padded Folding Chairs


    Easy to fold and carry. Comfortable padded seats. Check out as a set of 4 chairs.

  • Folding Table

    Need an extra table for your yard sale or birthday party? Borrow ours!
    Folding table makes it easy to carry. Easy to clean top. Portable and light at 33.5 lbs.

  • Karaoke Machine

    Impress your friends with your singing skills!
    Colorful disco lights. Two microphones. Built in stereo sound.