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Artist of the Month

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June: Mysi Carroll

Alcohol Ink Paintings

Artist Statement:

I discovered alcohol ink during my artistic journey as I explored different media to see what clicked. This was the one! The ink colors are extraordinarily vibrant, and their reactive qualities lend an aquatic feel to the subject I am painting. I have been a floral designer for nearly 30 years and understand that the key combination for a good design is color, texture and placement. This concept carries over into my artwork. I create most of my paintings with three colors of ink. I either stamp the surface with ink on a felt pad, or I pour it on and blow it around with a hair dryer. I add details by lifting the colors to expose light, or by adding ink with a tiny detail brush. The textures occur as a result of the chemical reactions between the colors of ink I select. These textures are often bubbly in appearance, and I use the reactive properties to give my work the ethereal feel I am after. Alcohol ink is fairly new to the art world, and it is exciting for me to discover new and interesting techniques to master it. In everything I paint, the ink speaks a mystical representation. It is clear what I want to achieve, and what the ink wants to achieve as well.

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All artwork (c)2021 by Mysi Carroll.

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