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Each month a different artist’s work is featured on the second floor of the library. A “Meet the Artist” event for this month is on Friday, June 7 at 7 p.m.

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June: Peter Bosy

Made by Hand

June is the perfect month to honor one’s father. Orland Park photographer Peter Bosy does just that with a special photographic tribute to his father by artistically featuring the tools that his dad used throughout his life.

In the photo exhibit titled “Made by Hand,” viewers will almost feel the textures and details of several vintage hand tools commonly used in the last century. These sturdy hand tools were among the basics Peter’s father used to build houses, refine interiors, paint, repair, and complete both small and large projects. An immigrant from Ukraine who was forcibly made to work on a German farm during World War II, Peter’s father was self-taught as a tradesman. He shared his skills and passion along with attention to detail with Peter and helped him over the years with both his home and photo studio projects.

His father respected good craftsmanship. Peter shows respect to this handiwork in a straightforward yet sophisticated way. He uses his eye and relies on the art and science of photography to transform rough and now rusted tools into objects of beauty. No longer used to cut wood or to cover walls with paint, the tools tell a story of the strength and stamina displayed by the immigrant laborer who used them.

The exhibit is dedicated to Michael Bosy.

The images shown here are a sampling of Peter’s work. Visit the gallery walls on the second floor of the library to view the complete exhibit during the month of June.

View more of Peter Bosy’s work at

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All artwork (c)2024 Peter Bosy.

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