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October: Log Cabin Center for the Arts

Community and Creativity

Group Show Featuring the Artwork of the Log Cabin Teachers

All images (c) 2020 by the respective artist.

The Log Cabin Center for the Arts is a part of The Center, a multifaceted non-profit organization located on 73 acres in Palos Park. The art center consists of three log cabins in a forested setting on the west side of the property. This setting is a strong underlying influence for our art programs, which focus on nature and the turn of the seasons. We offer classes for adults and children in fine arts, crafts and traditional folk arts, with an emphasis on nature-inspired art. Our classes build a real sense of camaraderie and friendship between the teachers and students. You can view our monthly class offerings in our newsletter, which is posted on our website at
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April Schabes, Collage and Creative Art Journaling

I view collage as a way of painting with paper. Creating, painting and distressing my own paper is one of the most enjoyable parts of my process. Bringing all these papers together to create a finished piece of art is satisfying and fun.

All images (c) 2020 by April Schabes

Arlene Tilghman, Plein Air Art

I work in multiple art media including oils, watercolor, pen and ink, colored pencil, soft pastels and oil pastels. My subjects include landscapes, birds, figures and faces. I’ve been creating art for over 50 years and currently teach oil painting classes at The Center.

All images (c) 2020 by Arlene Tilghman

Barb Thompson, Mixed-Media Art and Handmade Books

I find inspiration in everyday life and bring this into my drawings, paintings, collages and mixed-media art. I’m particularly interested in paper arts, especially paper structures and handmade books.

All images (c) 2020 by Barb Thompson

Chris Walsh, Sewing and Fabric Arts

I am an accomplished seamstress with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and 24 years of experience in sewing machine embroidery. I recently resumed teaching our basic machine sewing class at The Center, and am eager to start garment and sewing projects in the near future.

All images (c) 2020 by Chris Walsh

Harry Meneghini, Stained Glass

I’m a retired engineer, and took woodcarving classes at The Center for many years. I’ve been teaching stained glass art classes here for over 10 years. I love the camaraderie between the teachers and students in our classes, and love to crack jokes with the students.

All images (c) 2020 by Harry Meneghini

Heather Young, Multi Media

I graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and Art Education. I started teaching art classes at The Center 8 years ago and became the art director 4 years ago. I teach adult pottery classes as well as a variety of art workshops for adults and children. One of my greatest accomplishments at The Center has been fundraising to put an addition on to our pottery studio. My job is rewarding and certainly unique: where else could I have spent 27 hours in a pig-pen on a live broadcast from our farm in support of our annual “Barn to be Wild” fundraiser?!

All images (c) 2020 by Heather Young

Heaven Newsom, Painting and Illustration

I mainly use acrylics in my paintings and markers for my illustrations. My inner child inspires my use of bold colors and fantastical design in my artistic process. I first came to The Center in 2015 to fulfill my high school community service hours, and the creative energies and welcoming staff here have kept me coming back.

All images (c) 2020 by Heaven Newsom

Jane Dwyer, Basketry

I am a teacher for the deaf, working in Early Intervention, a program offering home services to children with disabilities. I took my first basket class in 1988 from my supervisor, Alice Kusmierek. Alice said ” I taught myself how to weave a basket, I think you’ll like it!” So, I went to her house and learned how to weave a napkin basket. Soon the director of the Log Cabin Center for the Arts called asking if I’d be interested in teaching basketry, and I’ve been doing that for over 20 years.

All images (c) 2020 by Jane Dwyer

Jerremy Mazurek, Lapidary Arts and Jewelry Making

My journey into this art medium has been an incredibly healing process. I struggled with addiction for 10 years of my life and initially found The Center through its recovery programs. The Center’s art classes helped me discover my creative side and I started taking lapidary and metalsmithing classes. After a few years I began teaching the skills I had honed. Whether you’re struggling with an aspect of your life, looking to meet new friends, or interested in finding a creative outlet, the classes at The Center can change your life. I have loved working around nature and being inspired by the beauty of this place.

All images (c) 2020 by Jerremy Mazurek

Larry Rothenberg, Woodcarving and Lapidary Arts

I began taking classes in lapidary arts and woodcarving about 10 years ago, and now teach both classes. I love showing people what happens when you polish rocks, watching as their beautiful colors are revealed. My students use these rocks to create their own original jewelry pieces.

All images (c) 2020 by Larry Rothenberg

Lenox Wallace, Watercolors

In this race of life, I attempt to capture calm, rich moments of time in my paintings. I believe a sense of depth is increased by using intense, dynamic darks. My intent is for the viewer to relate to that sense of depth and share the moment. As I’m driven to investigate movement in painting, I’m playing with more abstracted, digitized expression.

All images (c) 2020 by Lenox Wallace

Lois Lauer, Folk Arts

I retired 5 years ago after a long career as The Center’s program director. Since then I’ve enjoyed volunteering and teaching classes such as natural egg dyeing, Valentine book folding, and cornhusk sunflowers. My recent project is a huge hydrangea wreath for The Center’s Great Hall. I love that I can glean many of the natural materials for my folk-art classes from The Center’s woods and grounds.

All images (c) 2020 by Lois Lauer

Marilyn VandenBout, Papermaking and Fiber Arts

I am a Chicago-area fiber artist, and hold a degree in Art and Humanities Education from Calvin University. I create handmade paper in my home studio, using natural fibers and recycled paper to create the pulps that I incorporate into my pulp paintings. I add dried, pressed botanicals from my garden to create artwork with a simple elegance. I also make handmade paper beads to use as focal components in my unique line of jewelry.

All images (c) 2020 by Marilyn VandenBout

Marjorie Boyd, Calligraphy and Collage

I always enjoyed painting but wanted to loosen up my style, so when I saw a class offered at The Center, I joined it. I learned calligraphy in college and always loved letters. After I joined The Chicago Calligraphy Collective and took many classes I started teaching calligraphy in 2000 at The Center. Soon I added collage to the creative mix, and I love the results.

All images (c) 2020 by Marjorie Boyd

Mary Michaelson, Metalsmithing

I joined the teaching staff of the Log Cabin Center for the Arts three years ago after retiring from teaching art and metalsmithing at Carl Sandburg High School. My students work with silver, brass or copper to create original jewelry pieces.

All images (c) 2020 by Mary Michaelson

Robin Neumann, Mandala Art

I have been in love with creative work for as long as I can remember, whether it was art, sewing or simply making and building things. I studied art at UW-Green Bay as well as at The Clearing and the Peninsula School of Art. I’ve recently become fascinated with mandala art after being inspired by my teacher, Lois Hjresa. This led me to teaching mandala art, as well as leading an “Artist’s Way” group at The Center. I love making art that makes people smile!

All images (c) 2020 by Robin Neumann

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