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Getting a Library Card

Library cards are issued free to residents living within the corporate limits of the Village of Orland Park. Children age 14 and older living with a parent or legal guardian may use the parent’s or legal guardian’s proof of residence until they obtain qualifying proof of residence in their own names.

Library cards will be issued to children age 13 and under residing in the incorporated boundaries of the Village of Orland Park with the signature of a parent or legal guardian. The child must be accompanied by the parent or legal guardian with whom they reside and meet the residency requirement.

Cards are issued for a period of five years. Effective May 18, 2015, two forms of identification are required when applying for a library card or when renewing an expired card.

Residents must provide a valid driver’s license or state ID with current address and one of the following listing their Village of Orland Park address:

  • Current car registration
  • Natural gas, water or electric bill received in the last three (3) months
  • Current lease agreement
  • Property deed
  • Most recent property tax bill
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express billing statement received in the last three (3) months

Circulation Policy (PDF)

Pre-register for a Library Card

Residents of the Village of Orland Park may pre-register for a free Orland Park Public Library card online and place holds on materials.

Non-Resident Library Cards

People living in areas untaxed for library services may obtain a card by paying a fee determined by multiplying the current library tax rate times the equalized assessed valuation on the applicant’s tax bill. Cards will be issued for one year to all members of the homeowner’s immediate family living at that address.

Circulation Policy (PDF)

The Orland Park Public Library participates in the Illinois statewide reciprocal borrowing agreement in order to expand the availability of library materials available to Orland Park residents.

Reciprocal Borrowers FAQ Page

Library Cards for Businesses

Corporate library cards are available for businesses with property located within the Village of Orland Park. Check the Library Cards for Businesses page for more details.

Renewing Items

Most materials may be renewed once. Feature Videos and DVDs, Leapfrog Games, and the Lucky Day Collection cannot be renewed. You can also renew online by catalog if the materials are not overdue for more than two weeks or on hold for another patron.

Reserving Items

Materials may be reserved by Orland Park Public Library cardholders in-person or by phone. You will be contacted by phone or email when the item is ready for pick-up at the Express Reserve Shelf in the lobby or Circulation Desk.

Loan Periods & Fines

Orland Park Public Library books and materials are loaned to holders of valid library cards.

Note: Effective January 24, 2022, Interlibrary Loan items will be limited to 5 items checked out at one time and 5 hold requests. If a patron orders an Interlibrary Loan from out of state, and it is not picked up once it becomes available, that patron will be charged a $5.00 service fee.



Lucky Day

Loan Period/
Daily Fine

Max Item Limit

Audiobook CD 3 weeks/No Fines 30
Audiobook MP3 3 weeks/No Fines 30
Blu-ray 3 Days/$1 1 week/No Fines 30
Blu-ray Nonfiction 3 Days/$1 3 weeks/No Fines 30
Book 1 week/$1 3 weeks/No Fines 99
Book Bundle 3 weeks/No Fines 30
DVD/Blu-ray TV Series 2 weeks/No Fines 30
DVD 3 Days/$1 1 week/No Fines 30
DVD Nonfiction 3 Days/$1 3 weeks/No Fines 30
Equipment 1 week/$1 1
Family and Friends CPR Kits 3 weeks/$1 2
Flick Pix Boxes 1 week/$1 30
HotSpot 1 week/$1 1
Hoopla eBooks 3 weeks/No Fines 15 (Per Month)
Interlibrary Loan (ILL) 3 weeks/10¢ 10
Kilowatt Meters 2 weeks/10¢ 1
Kit-Readalongs, Science & Penpal 3 weeks/No Fines 30
LaunchPads 3 weeks/No Fines 5
Library of Things Material(s) 2 weeks/$1
Magazine 1 week/$1 3 weeks/No Fines 30
Music CD 3 Days/$1 1 week/No Fines 30
NES/SNES 1 week/$1 1
Overdrive eBooks 2 weeks/No Fines 5
Playaway Audiobook 3 weeks/No Fines 30
Playaway View 3 weeks/No Fines 1
Puppet/Toy/Game 3 weeks/No Fines 30
Puzzle 3 weeks/No Fines 30
Roku 2 weeks/$1 1
Smart Home Items 1 week/$1 1
Spoken CD 3 weeks/No Fines 30
VCR/DVD Recorder 1 week/$1 1
Video Game 1 week/No Fines 3