Family Storytime Kit-Camping




A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee by Chris Van Dusen
Available on Hoopla


Camping We Will Go! by The Kiboomers
Available on YouTube


We’re Going On a Bear Hunt by The Kiboomers
Available on YouTube


Aluminum Foil Campfire Painting

What you’ll need: A sheet of plain white paper, a crunched up ball of aluminum foil, two or more small strips of brown construction paper, and red and yellow paint.
1. Use your strips at the bottom of brown paper to build the logs of your fire. Make sure to leave space at the top of the page for those warm flames!
2. Pour some read and yellow paint onto a disposable dish, piece of paper, or whatever you’d like. Use enough to be able to have red and yellow, and mix it in the middle to create orange.
3. Take your ball of aluminum foil and dip it into the paint. Use that paint to start making the fire on your sheet of paper! Make it as big and messy as you’d like, but be careful not to get too close to the hot fire!


Look up an overview of “Camping” from our Explora Primary School database on the library’s Online Resources page.


1. What are some supplies you may need when going camping?
2. What sort of snacks might you bring on a camping trip? What is your favorite?
3. Find some campgrounds in your area that you might enjoy visiting.