Parking Lot Resurfacing Project:

Begins: Wednesday, May 19. Projected end time: 10 days

Parking will be limited

The east side of the parking lot is reserved for patrons’ use only

The south entrance off of Ravinia Avenue will be accessible, as well as the north entrance off of 149th Street

The west entrance to the parking lot will be closed off until further notice.

Family Storytime Kit-Valentine’s Day



Pete the Cat. Valentine’s Day is cool by Kim Dean
Available on Hoopla


5 Little Hearts Valentine Days by The Kiboomers
Available on YouTube


Easy heart chain


Go to Explora Primary School database on the library’s Online Resources page and type in “Valentine’s Day” and scroll to #2 entry Valentines’ Day.


1. What do yellow roses represent?
2. What year did the first heart shaped box of chocolates appear?
3. Candy hearts used to be sold as what?