Family Storytime Kit-Cats


I Am a Cat by Galia Bernstein
Available on Hoopla


Song: Kitty Family – Pinkfong
Available on YouTube


Popsicle Stick Cats In Sweaters – Kid Craft

Instructions: You’ll need three popsicle sticks per cat, glue, any color construction paper, yarn, and a marker. Bonus: if you have googly eyes, use them!
Pick which color you’d like your cat to be. Using that color, cut out the head, ears, and tail of your cat. Make sure to add a nose, whiskers, and eyes. Set those aside and grab three popsicle sticks, and glue them together. This will be the body of your cat. Wrap some yarn around the body of the cat to make a little sweater. Once you’ve done that, glue on the face, ears, and tail onto the cat. You’ve made a cat! Make sure to make it a feline friend.


Look up an overview of “Cats” from Explora Primary School on the library’s Online Resources page to learn some more about these fabulous felines!.


1. Are cats herbivores or carnivores? What does that mean?
2. How many “big cats” can you name?
3. What’s one difference between big cats and small cats?