Family Storytime Kit-Dogs


Where Is Rusty? by Sieb Posthuma
Available on Hoopla


BINGO by Super Simple Songs
Available on YouTube


Balloon Puppy
Instructions: Pick any balloon color – the whackier, the better! You’ll also need tape, party ribbons or construction paper, and a marker of your choice.
Fill up the balloon with air, either on your own or with a pump. Make it as big or as small as you’d like. When you’re done, add some ears with either the party ribbon or construction paper – feel free to add a tail! Once you’ve got that, add eyes, a nose, and whiskers with the sharpie. Can you make a whole family of balloon puppies?


Look up an overview of “Dogs” from Explora Primary School on the library’s Online Resources page.


1. How many breeds of dogs are there?
2. Look out your window. How many dogs did you see in 10 minutes?
3. What kinds of jobs do dogs usually have?