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Family Storytime Kit-Penguins




A Penguin Story by Antoinette Portis,
found in TumbleBooks


Penguin Dance by Jack Hartmann



You’ll need a roll of toilet paper, glue, black construction paper or paint, white construction paper, and orange construction paper. You can either make eyes from the paper or use googley eyes for an extra cute effect.
Cover the roll of toilet paper in black construction paper or black paint. Once the paint/glue is dry, add a white cut out for the belly of the penguin. Cut out two black flippers for its wings, and glue those to the belly. Cut out a tiny triangle for its beak, and two orange flippers for feet. Once it’s assembled, glue the googley eyes onto its face.


Look up an overview of “Penguins” from Explora Primary School on the library’s Online Resources page. Check out Explora Primary School database for more information to share with your child on these cute birds!


1. Where can we see penguins today?
2. What do penguins usually eat?
3. How many different types of penguins can we name?