Hatching Baby Chicks

Before they’re cute and fluffy, they have to grow, grow, grow!
Come to the library and watch the progress of our eggs as they hatch into cuddly little chicks.

Watch Some Previous Recordings of Our Baby Chicks!

Where did the eggs come from?
We received our eggs from our friends at The Children’s Farm in Palos Park. Once the chicks hatch, we will return them to the Children’s Farm.
Why are the eggs in a machine?
The first step to hatching baby chicks is to put the fertilized eggs in an incubator, a machine that makes sure the eggs are at the perfect temperature and humidity to help each chick grow inside their egg. The fertilized eggs spend 21 days in the incubator.
Why are is there an “X” on one side of the egg and an “O” on the other side of the egg?
The eggs have to be turned at least three times every day. This is similar to what would happen to an egg if a mother hen were sitting on top of it. The more turning, the better! The “X” and “O” lets us know which eggs need to be turned. After day 18, the eggs no longer need to be turned.
How does the chick get out of its egg?
When the chicks are getting ready to hatch, you might see their egg rocking back and forth. That means the chick inside the egg is active and ready to come out! Little by little the chick will peck a small hole into the egg. Over time, it will slowly continue to hatch its way out. Keep in mind that even though we are taking the best care of our eggs, not all of them might hatch. This is normal and is just part of the egg incubating/hatching process.
They hatched! Now what?
Our newly hatched chicks move into a new home called a brooder. While they live here, they will continue to eat and drink so they can grow into healthy fluffy chicks. Baby chicks like it nice and cozy in the brooder, so we make sure it stays warm for them by using a heat lamp.
Do the chicks live at the library now?
While we loved helping the chicks grow, they will be much happier back at The Children’s Farm in Palos Park with their other farm animal friends.