Meet Me: Matt Montalvo


Matt Montalvo

IT Assistant II

Matt has worked for Orland Park Public Library for 3 years. Matt can usually be found at the IT Help Desk.

“I always work in a quiet environment and have information readily available everywhere on everything I can possibly imagine and more,” says Matt.

Matt’s favorite book to read at the library is The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith.

When Matt isn’t at work he enjoys cooking, baking, and playing video games.

Matt enjoys spending time anywhere near the window of the second floor.

“We have big and small desks for just one person or groups of people to read or study, tons of natural lighting, and ports to charge your phones or laptops,” says Matt. “It’s a good spot to be for long periods of time, and my favorite space. It’s also nice to watch the sun set sitting by the windows.”

The Orland Park Public Library serves the residents of the Village of Orland Park. The library moved into its award-winning 93,000 square foot building in September 2004.

Patrons of all ages have access to a well-rounded collection of both print and non-print materials, educational and recreational programs, computers and instructional computer classes, excellent reference service, outreach programs for seniors and home delivery patrons, and storytimes for children.