Veterans’ History Project


Veterans: Don’t let your stories be lost forever. Share your memories.

The Orland Park Public Library is participating in the Veterans’ History Project in conjunction with the Library of Congress and the Illinois State Library. If you are a veteran or civilian who once served with the U.S. military, from World War I through the present, we want to hear about your experiences.



How To Participate

There are several ways to participate in the Veterans’ History Project

  • Join in a video recorded interview with a reference librarian.
  • Submit a written narrative of your military experiences.
  • Submit an audio narration.
  • Share documents, journals, photographs, diaries, and map.


How We Can Help

The library can assist you with submitting all materials to the Veterans’ History Project collections for the Library of Congress and Illinois State Library. The library is now conducting video recorded interviews. This is a great way to preserve each individual’s personal account of their time with the military and a chance to commemorate their contribution to United States’ history.

If interested in submitting your stories:

Please fill in your information below and our program coordinator will contact you.

For more information about the Veterans’ History Project

Please contact Katie Allan, Adult Services Manager at (708) 428-5150 at the Orland Park Public Library.