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June 2023

Nothing But Blackened Teeth

by Cassandra Khaw

Feeling the summer heat? This short novel will send chills down your spine! Four thrill-seeking friends celebrate a wedding by renting out a supposedly-haunted Heian-era manor. As the night goes on, long-buried tensions between them simmer to the surface, and beneath the manor an ever longer buried bride begins to stir.

This book is available in the library and on Hoopla as an e audiobook.

Recommended by: Peter Tew, Adult Services Reference Librarian

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April 2023

Fasting for Ramadan: Notes from a Spiritual Practice

by Kazim Ali

This book is beautiful to read, not to know about the month of Ramadan as guidance, but as a person’s spiritual practice during this month day by day, as a daily journal and how fasting affects him and reflects his life in daily routine. It is a pleasure to journey with him through this holly month.
Recommended by: Ghada Rafati, Patron Services Clerk

Posted in: Adult Nonfiction

Stone Blind

by Natalie Haynes

This retelling of the legend of the monstrous gorgon Medusa sheds new light on the young women she was before being unjustly punished by Athena for being assaulted by the sea god Poseidon. Following the many moving parts of the legend this novel just might prove to readers that Medusa was so much more than just the monster the legend has made her become.
Recommended by: April Balasa, Patron Services Clerk

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March 2023

The Kind Worth Saving

by Peter Swanson

Some of the same characters that were in The Kind Worth Killing are in this book as well as references to events in that book, but it is not necessary to read it first. This book can stand alone with its page turning action. Joan has always seemed a little off to Henry Kimball even when he was a first-year teacher and she was in his Honors English class. Now many years later when she hires him to discover if her husband is having an affair, he feels uneasy taking the case. As his investigation continues, Kimball finds troubling incidences in Joan’s past. In alternating chapters using the voice of Kimball, Joan, Richard, and Lilly the past and present collide in an explosive ending.

This book is available in the library and on OverDrive/Libby as an ebook.

Recommended by: Joan Stoiber, Youth Services Reference Librarian

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All That Is Mine I Carry With Me

by William Landay

Phil has writer’s block. He meets up with an old friend and decides to write about the disappearance forty years ago of the man’s mother, Jane. Jane disappeared one day without a trace. No body was found. The three siblings did not know if she was dead, possibly killed by their father, or had just run away. An investigation took place, but no evidence was discovered to solve the mysterious disappearance. The sister and two brothers had their lives totally affected by that one event as is told in chapters that reflect their point of view. Twenty years later her body is found. The discovery of the body brought the guilt or innocence of their father to a head. Still, who killed Jane remained a mystery until the final pages.

This book is available in the library and on OverDrive/Libby as an ebook.

Recommended by: Joan Stoiber, Youth Services Reference Librarian

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A Man Called Ove

by Fredrik Backman

This novel was published in 2013 in English, and became quite popular with readers.  It took me until 2022 to pick up the novel, mainly because I do not like to read books at the same time as everyone else is.  I would rather wait until the excitement wears down to pick it up and enjoy it. 

Ove is perceived as a curmudgeon who doesn’t care for any one he meets in his daily life.  As the novel progresses, the reader learns that there is a profound sadness in Ove’s past that has impacted the way he interacts with others.  One day, a young family moves into the neighborhood right next to Ove.  As expected, the initial introduction does not go well, and Ove secretly hopes they leave him alone forever.  However, Parvenah and her family persist in showing kindness to Ove every single day, until the man’s cold heart slowly starts to melt. 

 This story resonated with me in that we never know everyone’s story and how their past can greatly affect the way they view the world and the people who they encounter.  My motto has always been “Be Kind!”  You never know when your compassionate actions can make a difference in your “Ove’s” world.

This book is available in the library, on OverDrive/Libby as an ebook and e audiobook, and Hoopla as an e audiobook.

 Recommended by: Mary G. Adamowski, Library Director

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February 2023

1000 Hours Outside: Activities to Match Screen Time with Green Time

by Ginny Yurich

The perfect book to help you and your children get outside more this year. Challenge yourselves to see how many hours you spend outside each month. Can you reach 1000 in a year? Even if you don’t hit that high of a number, you still win! This book is full of ideas to help get you started with the challenge. There are ideas for all ages and abilities including building bug hotels, forest games, painting with nature and more. Pick it up today and start enjoying outside.

Recommended by: Erin Faxel, Youth Services Teen Librarian

Posted in: Adult Nonfiction

June 2022

Project Hail Mary

The future of the Earth is on shaky ground as a newly discovered alien species is eating away at the sun. Junior High science teacher Ryland Grace is tapped to help create a solution due to a research paper he wrote long ago. Now he finds himself alone, on a spaceship far from Earth with no memories, including his own name. As his memory slowly starts to return, he realizes that he is the Earth’s only hope for survival. This science fiction adventure story is told through dual timelines where the reader only knows what Grace remembers. A must-read that will hook you immediately.

This book is available in the library and on OverDrive/Libby as an ebook.

Recommended by: Brandi Smits, Youth Services Manager

Posted in: Adult Fiction

It’s All Relative: Adventures Up and Down the World’s Family Tree

by A.J. Jacobs

Loved it! Speaking as a genealogist with a good three decades of hunting under her belt, it was refreshing to find myself intrigued to dig deeper. As a librarian, I love a book that makes me stop to jot down resources, authors, book titles, websites. Almost couldn’t decide whether to keep reading or jump online & start searching. A.J. gave me a different perspective when it comes to linking into the bigger trees, this is something that I used to shy away from but now I’m ready.
This book is available in the library and on Hoopla as an e audiobook.
Recommended by: Theresa Hildebrand, Patron Services Manager

Posted in: Adult Nonfiction

May 2022

The Diamond Eye

by Kate Quinn

The Diamond Eye is the newest novel by acclaimed author Kate Quinn. This piece of historical fiction is based on the life of Lyudmila ( Mila) Pavlichenko who became the first female sniper for the USSR during WW2. When war breaks out Mila Pavlichenko is compelled to volunteer in order to help preserve freedom for her young son. While most American and European women are quickly volunteering to work as nurses, Mila realizes that her recently acquired skills as a marksman would be a valuable asset to her country. Although she had to put her dissertation and dream of being a historian on hold to fight, Mila is unknowingly shaping history.
With over 300 kills she becomes known as Lady Death to many around the world. This well researched novel will have your heart pacing as if you were right in the trenches with Mila and her troops.
This book is available in the library and on OverDrive/Libby as an ebook.
Recommended  by: Darnetta Bolton, Youth Services Reference Librarian

Posted in: Adult Fiction

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