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September 2023

Secret of the Moon Conch

by David Bowles

A love that transcends space and time. Sitlali finds herself hopeless when her abuelita passes away. Her father disappeared to the U.S. when she was young, and her mother died of heart ache shortly her father left. Her abuelita was her only relative left and with her gone she was left alone to fend for herself against a dangerous gang member who has ties to the drug cartel in Veracruz. She was left with no choice but to flee to the U.S. in hope to find a better future. Calitzo is a Mexica from the 1500s who’s town was recently invaded by conquistadors. Amidst the war they’re prepping for, he is also losing his loved ones to a strange disease brought overseas that the conquistadors call smallpox. Through great adversities both Sitali and Calitzo find great solace in a magical conch that unites them in their struggles.

Recommended by: Ayla Franco, Youth Services Assistant


Posted in: Young Adult Fiction

August 2023

Victory. Stand!: Raising my fist for justice

by Tommie Smith

A fist in the air. Eighty seconds of a profound symbolic act that will not be forgotten. This engaging graphic novel co-written by Derrick Barnes and the man himself, Tommie Smith, is powerfully illustrated by Dawud Anyabwile and will move readers deeply into a moment in history with such significance that it still resonates today. This is the story of a courageous world record-breaker, from childhood to his stepping into the world stage where he risked all in the name of justice and human rights. The story behind the protesting expression of two black athletes at their triumphant moment at the Mexican Olympic games of 1965 where they decided they had to be seen because they (and many more) were not being heard. Smith’s first-ever memoir for young readers, received the 2023 YALSA Excellence in Young Adult Nonfiction Award among many other recognitions. It is also a pick for the 2023-2024 Read For A Lifetime statewide teen reading program.

Recommended by: Fanny Camargo, Youth Services Reference Librarian I

Posted in: Young Adult Nonfiction


by Jennifer Bradbury

A young adult novel by the author of Shift, in which the author once again captures the interpersonal relationships young adults experience with each other, with family, and with society. Cara and her ex-boyfriend Nat (not an ex due to her decision) take on a challenging rock climb in the Cascade Mountains as they must find her father, who went climbing alone. Navigating the mountains they uncover a family secret that has implications for generations as WWII and the Japanese Incarceration Camps determined the fate of her ancestors.

Recommended by: Joan Stoiber, Youth Services Reference Librarian I

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Becoming a Queen

by Dan Clay

A gripping tale of how Mark is trying to find himself amidst the many fake personalities he’s made to fit into society. He takes a leap of chance wearing a dress for the school’s talent show but even for the only other gay boy in school he was just too much. The suburban town of Annondale is just too small for someone so grand as Mark and no one can understand him like his brother Eric does. Eric is his only rock in a sea of judgement, but Mark is slowly finding out that maybe his brother isn’t as strong as he thought he was.

Recommended by: Ayla Franco, Youth Services Assistant

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July 2023

Pieces of Me

by Kate McLaughlin

Dylan has woken up yet again in a haze with no memory of what happened last night. She’s just trying to figure who she really is, and these moments of sudden memory loss and confusion aren’t helping. Usually, they’re not so bad but when she calls back home, she realizes she’s been gone for 3 days. It’s never been this bad before. She’s never blacked out for this long, especially while being sober. Luckily, she woke up to a semi familiar face, but the questions still lingered. How did she end up in this place? Where is she? And most importantly why does she keep on blacking out?

Recommended by: Ayla Franco, Youth Services Assistant

Posted in: Young Adult Fiction

Imogen, Obviously

by Becky Albertalli

Imogen, Obviously by Becky Albertalli is her latest book release and like all her others, it does not disappoint. Imogen is going for an overdue visit to her best friend Lili’s college, where Imogen will also attend soon. Imogen feels a little replaced by Lili’s new life, but when she arrives, she learns it’s actually the opposite. Lili definitely never left Imogen behind, in fact, she made her a bigger deal than Imogen could have ever imagined. Lili told her new friends that she and Imogen used to date! And while Imogen is the world’s most devoted ally, she is undoubtedly straight herself, or so she thought…until she spends more time with Lili’s new friend Tessa, and then things become blurry for her. Throughout the story you’ll want to hug Imogen, defend her, laugh with her, be her friend, and hug her again. Obviously you need to read this one right now!

Recommended by: Erin Cady, Youth Services Reference Librarian

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June 2023

Always Human

by Ari North

A sapphic romance set in a sci-fi world where you can bio hack your body with different types of mods. Sunati is a big fan of fashion mods and is constantly changing her appearance but one day at the train station she notices a girl with no mods in sight. It’s a very odd thing to find when the sky is the limit when it comes to mods. Austen is a girl with Egan’s Syndrome that doesn’t allow her to use mods because her immune system rejects them. Shes learned to overcome her shortcomings in a world that’s constantly changing. She’s caught Sunati’s interest but is it because of her disability or actual romantic interest?

Recommended by: Ayla Franco, Youth Services Assistant

Posted in: Young Adult Fiction

Mindfulness Meditations for Teens

by Bodhipaksa

It’s summertime! With great weather and some flexible time, an opportunity returns to explore and unplug. Discover the power of meditation to clear your mind, slow down, and find brief moments of peace to reconnect with yourself. Grab your earbuds or your favorite headphones and give meditation a try with this soothing playaway that you can take anywhere, indoors or outdoors, to unwind and recharge. The track list includes ten brief sessions by Buddhist practitioner, author, and teacher Bodhipaksa to help you release a calmer, positive, and creative mindset.
Recommended by: Fanny Camargo, Youth Services Reference Librarian

Posted in: Young Adult Nonfiction

May 2023

Dress Coded

by Carrie Firestone

When a school wide camping trip is cancelled due to a dress code infraction, Molly starts a podcast. She talks with current students and students who have already graduated regarding their experiences. Some girls seem to be targeted as their friends wear the same clothes but aren’t called out. As the podcast grows in popularity, the small revolt gains traction. New friendships are made and bonds are strengthened as the students organize their protest.

This book is available in the library and on OverDrive/Libby as an ebook and e audiobook.

Recommended by: Becky McCormack, Youth Services Assistant Manager

Posted in: Young Adult Fiction

The Rise of Kyoshi

by F. C. Yee

A humble Earth Kingdom-born girl is left to fend for herself in a world where nations have succumbed to tyranny and greed. Every day the nations become more corrupt and violent, but the Avatar is nowhere to be found. Jianzhu and Kelsang grow more desperate in their attempts to find this era’s Avatar and having lost one of the avatar toy relics to an orphan girl they’re at their wits end. Will they be able to recover the relic and find the Avatar in time? Or will the world be destroyed by countless mass murders?  This first volume in the Chronicles of the Avatar series is great for fans of Avatar: The Last Air Bender looking to learn more about previous legendary Avatars.

This book is available in the library and on OverDrive/Libby as an e audiobook and Hoopla as an ebook.

Recommended by: Ayla Franco, Youth Services Assistant

Posted in: Young Adult Fiction

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