The library will be closed Thursday, November 26, Thanksgiving Day.

Teen Virtual Art Gallery

Attention all teen artists in grades 6-12!

We know that times are rough right now, but we’d love it if you’d share your art work with the community to help brighten our days! That’s why the Orland Park Public Library is creating a Virtual Art Gallery just for teens to showcase their artwork and gain recognition.


To be a part of this gallery please submit the following information:

  • Name (Only your first name and title of art piece will be displayed with art.)
  • Grade
  • Title of Art Piece
  • School Name
  • Email
  • Town You Live In
  • A digital copy of your art. It can be a photo of it or a digital scan (Please send your art as a PDF or jPeg)

All of this information needs to be sent to You can start sending your art in today!

Rules For Submissions:

  • Must be in grades 6-12 to be a a part of the Gallery.
  • All art work must be sent to, with “Teen Virtual Art Gallery” in the subject line, by May 30 for it to go into the gallery. Art work will be posted into the gallery by the Orland Park Public Library periodically until May 30.
  • All art work must be original, and created by the teens submitting it. (Yes multiple teens can work on one piece if they chose to team up.)
  • Art work should be presented as professionally as possible. Yes, we know this is all digital, and it is sometimes very hard to get a photo or a scan that represents your art perfectly, we just want you to do the best as you can and treat this seriously.
  • Each teen can submit up to three pieces of art work. Please send each piece in a different email though.
  • Content must be appropriate for all ages. Anything deemed inappropriate by the library will not appear in the gallery.
  • The following types of digitally sent art work are acceptable: paintings, photography, 3D sculptures, fashion, digital artwork, drawings, culinary show pieces, and flower arrangements. (If you have another form that you would like to send in, please email us and ask us. (We realize we might have missed some popular forms.)
  • The library will not be accepting any physical forms of art. Everything must be sent to us digitally.
  • By sending digital art into us, you are giving permission to the Orland Park Public Library to post it on our website and social media sites. You are also giving us permission to possibly use it in advertisements for the program.

Showcase Your Artwork