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December 2023

1913: Seeds of Conflict

This documentary movie, offers an illuminating look into the history of Palestine. Starting from the year 1913, historians are sat down and interviewed about different aspects of Palestinian civilization and how it changed during the waves of Jewish immigration to the region. The interviews are accompanied by brief re-enactments of important discourse, by notable leaders and residents, that led to the ongoing situation as we see it today.
Recommended by: Ghada Rafati, Patron Service Clerk

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April 2020

The Food That Built America: Season 1

Many foods that we take for granted today, such as breakfast cereal, ketchup, milk chocolate, and Coke did not exist a little over one hundred years ago. This show tells the fascinating stories of the people like Henry Heinz, Milton Hershey, John & Will Kellogg, Clarence Birdseye, and the McDonald brothers, who created the foods that we know and love today. It documents their imagination, drive, risks, trials & errors, and hard work – changing the American diet (for better & worse), while building cities, developing new technologies, fostering social & cultural change, and creating multimillion-dollar empires along the way. Available on Hoopla.

Recommended by: Dawn Gowgiel, Adult Services Shelver

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March 2020

Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice

Linda Ronstadt’s original voice was enjoyed by many beginning in the 1970s. Her performances, throughout many years, became a highlight of theater, pop and folk music. This biographical film features interviews with Ronstadt’s friends and fellow artists, as well as wonderful concert footage. An extra bonus is a very personal (and very moving) interview with Ronstadt near the films’ conclusion.  There is a lot of great music in this DVD, so much that you might even find yourself humming her songs for days after. If you love music, this is the film for you.

Recommended by: Michelle Przekwas, Adult Services Shelver

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This movie follows four baristas as they practice and then travel to South Korea for an intense coffee competition. It is not all about your basic cup of coffee in this film as competitors race against a clock during presentations while also trying to inform judges about a new style of coffee that they have personally tried to develop. If you have any interest in what baristas do, or just love your coffee, then this is the film for you.

Recommended by: Michelle Przekwas, Adult Services Shelver

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October 2019

The Biggest Little Farm

This uplifting documentary warmed my heart to its core. The narrator’s soothing voice paired with shots at an equal caliber to “Planet Earth” made the entire viewing experience a wholesome one. Sure, it is mindless idealism at its finest, but I didn’t care and neither should you! This lovely couple followed their dream, built a farm and created an entire community dedicated to getting in touch with Mother Earth, and what’s to dislike about that?

Recommended by: Lisa Stemmons, Patron Services Clerk   

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August 2019

Far From The Tree

A documentary featuring the stories of those deemed “abnormal” by society is at once heart wrenching and deeply extraordinary. Rather than 93 minutes of spoon-feeding us sadness about the black sheep of the family, “Far From The Tree” manages to provide a poignant look with a tinge of humor at what it means to be human. You will cry, you will be reminded of your privilege and then you will rejoice and revel at the depths of familial love.

Recommended by: Lisa Stemmons, Patron Services Clerk

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