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January 2021

One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories

by B. J. Novak

B.J. Novak, one of the writers and stars of the TV show The Office, has compile several short stories in this collection. The stories spread for a rematch between the Tortoise and the Hare to a Las Vegas intervention gone wrong to a cereal box sweepstakes worth $100,000. Often with short story collections, you get some kind of mixture of hits and misses. I will say that a majority of these stories were hits. For a special treat, check out the audiobook and hear Novak and some of his celebrity friends narrate the stories. This book is available in the library and on Overdrive/Libby as an ebook and e audiobook.

Recommended by: Brandi Smits, Youth Services Manager

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The Push

by Ashley Audrain

A Good Morning America book club pick that keeps the reader engrossed as you learn more about Blythe and her unhappy childhood and her unhappiness as a mother. Blythe felt she never loved her daughter Violet. Is the problem Blythe has with being a mother stemming from her or is there something wrong with Violet? Then Blythe has Sam, who she adores.

Recommended by: Joan Stoiber, Youth Reference Librarian I

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The Girl in the Mirror

by Rose Carlyle

A book full of greed, jealousy, and lust as the twist and turns involving twins, Iris and Summer Rose reach an explosive conclusion. Iris has always been jealous of twin, Summer, who seems to live a charmed life. When asked to help sail the family yacht with Summer’s hunky husband, Iris jumps at the chance. Unfortunately for Iris plans change and she finds herself in the middle of the ocean with Summer. When the yacht arrives, there is only one twin on board.

Recommended by: Joan Stoiber, Youth Reference Librarian I

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The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

by Stuart Turton

Frustrated by lack of information when reading a mystery? Wish you could know exactly where each person was before, during and after the crime? Wish you knew what they were all thinking? Careful what you ask for!! Stuart Turton delivers on all counts with this uniquely written twist after twist after twist novel. Good old-fashioned fun for the new year. This title is also available on Hoopla Audio.
Recommended by: Theresa Hildebrand, Patron Services Manager 

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December 2020

Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times

by Katherine May

In this collection of essays, English author Katherine May explores the concept of solitude, transformation, and rest. The thoughtful prose and gentle storytelling will lead you to reconsider how you can make your way through difficult times. From learning how to celebrate her least-favorite holiday (Halloween) with her excited son, to taking on ice swimming, Katherine May approaches everything she does with clear thoughts and a bit of humor.  A perfect end-of-year companion to 2020.
Recommended by: Kara DeCarlo, Youth Services School Liaison

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The Ghosts of Harvard

by Francesca Scottoline Serritella

New Harvard Freshman Cady Archer steps onto campus with an anchor on her heart. Not one year earlier, her older brother Eric took his life on this very campus. He was a brilliant mind that began to unravel in his final year at Harvard – but why? As Cady investigates, she begins to hear the voices of three ghosts who help her juggle her school work, her social interactions, and her investigation. The Ghosts of Harvard is a suspenseful read that will keep you turning the page to find out the truth.

Recommended by: Natalie Leoni, Adult Services Reference Librarian I

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A Darker Shade of Magic

by V.E. Schwab

Kell is an Antari, a rare magic user that has to ability not only to perform a variety of spells, but can travel to the different versions of London. Grey London is completely without magic, White London has magic, but it is also run by a corrupt sibling duo that limits what can be done. Red London, Kell’s home, is a magical place where magic is found everywhere. Finally, there is Black London, a place that is all but lost and no one ever visits. When Kell is given an artifact from one London and brings it to another, he soon realizes that he was set up to be taken down by his enemies. With the help of Lila Bard, a pickpocket from Grey London, Kell must do what he can to get rid of the powerful relic. This first book of a series can be found in the library as well as on Hoopla.

Recommended by: Brandi Smits, Youth Services Manager

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Something’s Wrong With Us

by Natsumi Ando

Married to the enemy! This spin-chilling, sexy and dark psychological series follows Nao a 21-year-old traditional Japanese sweet maker and the man who framed her mother for murder. I highly recommend going into this series with knowing as little as possible. You are certainly in for a treat.
Recommended by: April Balasa, Patron Services Clerk

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November 2020

I, Robot

by Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov lays down the Three Laws of Robotics in this series of interconnected short stories.  Witness the rise of robots, from their beginnings as household curiosities to the super intelligent computers that manage the entire planet.  The stories include a family drama where parents worry that their daughter is too attached to the house’s robot, a mystery where investigators must find a particular robot hiding in a shipment of dozens of robots, and an election drama where one candidate is accused of being a life-like robot and must prove his humanity. This title is also available on OverDrive.

Recommended by: Peter Tew, Adult Services Reference Librarian I

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I Had That Same Dream Again: The Complete Manga Collection

by Yoru Sumino

When grade schooler Nanoka is asked by her teacher to define what “happiness” means to her, she isn’t too sure what the correct answer is. But she is more than sure her friends can help her find the answer. Which consists of an un-happy girl who engages in self-harm, a high school student ostracized by her classmates and an elderly woman looking to live out her twilight years in peace. But what do these three different people have in common? As Nanoka tries to find her place in the world by exploring her relationship with these three strangers, she comes to know herself and the meaning of “happiness”.
Recommeneded by: April Balasa, Patron Services Clerk

Posted in: Adult Fiction

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