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Public Notice

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Library Trustees of the Village of Orland Park (“Library Board”) is accepting sealed bids for: Orland Park Public Library Interior Renovation. Please click the links to see the bid advertisements.



Nature Center

The library’s tagline A Natural Connection is a true meaning for the library’s soon to be constructed Nature Center! At the July 15, 2019 meeting of the Library Board of Trustees, the board voted to fund the construction of the Nature Center as part of the upcoming renovation project.

The raised-deck center will be built on the west side of the building and extend north near the pond. The Nature Center will be accessible through the YS north exit. Children and their families will be able to enjoy the outdoors while listening to stories in the Reading Nook, play on the Tree Stump Jump, watch Mother Nature’s plants bloom in the sensory garden beds, write on the slate chalkboards and feel the coolness of water with the water table with hand pump, and so many other STEAM-related activities!

Storytime and other programs for children will be held in the Nature Center, as well as programs for adults.

Watch for more details as this exciting part of the upcoming renovation project becomes a reality!



Meet Opie

Opie, OPPL’s renovation mascot, will fill you in on all of the exciting progress, from start to finish, of the library’s upcoming renovation project.

Look for Opie to let you know when the project will start, what areas of the building will be worked on and when, plus other special tidbits of information that you will be able to share with family, friends and neighbors.

Spread the word that the library is Renewing Our Story!



The library is proud to be the “jewel” of the community with extensive services, a spacious facility and a diverse collection of resources supported by a knowledgeable and friendly staff. Since the award-winning building opened in 2004, the Board of Library Trustees and staff understood that keeping current for patrons and providing the newest materials and technology was of utmost importance. Times change quickly, and the library is used by patrons much differently than twenty years ago. The library has become a center for community engagement and learning. In that end, OPPL needed to create new flexible spaces to accommodate the patron’s needs without compromising the beauty and openness of the building.

With this in mind, the original architect Michael C. Barnes and the architectural team from Wight & Co. are repurposing spaces in many public areas to offer more study rooms, a larger program room, an updated Computer Lab, a Sensory Room, a Mother’s Room, an improved preschool area, a Teen Room, a Tween space and more. Understanding the library’s need to be current, the Board of Library Trustees have been saving money over the past decade to pay for these renovations without further taxing the Orland Park residents. This project is estimated at just over $3,000,000 and the anticipated timeline of this project is October, 2019 through August, 2020.

Most of the changes will happen in the public spaces. The Information Technology Department hosts public computers for ages 18 years and up, as well as the Computer Lab which is currently housing the SMART Lab equipment. If a computer class is in progress, patrons have no access to the variety of equipment for their use. The Computer Room will be more open so patrons can observe what is being offered as they enter the department. The SMART Lab equipment (3D printers, the VHS to DVD converter, Mac computers and more) will be housed in a separate space visible to all patrons in the same area. The public computers will remain in this area.

The Teen section is located on the second floor in the corner, but currently has limited offerings for this age group. The new Teen section will be have a glassed enclosed area to offer gaming, study rooms, crafting area, lounge seating and programs for grades 6-12. The Young Adult collection will remain outside the Teen room for easy access.
Also on the second floor, the Quiet Study Room will be converted to a multi-purpose room for book discussions, outside community group meetings, and other library programs. Reallocating this space also allows the library to add two more study rooms for adults.

These are just a few of the improvements which will be made in the upcoming renovation project. Look to this web page for more information on the wonderful changes to provide new services to all of our patrons.

The Design Team

Michael C. Barnes Original Architect, michael c barnes architect, pllc
Michael C. Barnes Original Architect, michael c barnes architect, pllc
Lisa Schmidt-Wight & Company
Lisa Schmidt-Wight & Company










Divya Jain-Wight & Company
Divya Jain-Wight & Company
Steve Moore-Wight & Company
Steve Moore-Wight & Company










The New Design

All 3d renderings accredited to Michael C. Barnes of michael c barnes architect , pllc